Tiểu sử Phạm Thế Trung


Pham The Trung is an Award Winning Sculptor and Painter who has exhibited his work around the world. He is born on March 25, 1955 in the Mekong Delta, South Vietnam. Pham’s interest in art began at an early age; as a young boy at nine, he was already an accomplished artist and sculptor.  After graduating from Petrus Truong Vinh Ky high-school in Saigon and the Gia Dinh University of Fine Arts in 1979, he made a harrowing escape from Vietnam in 1980 as one of the “ boat people.”  Pham was interned in a refugee camp in Thailand until being granted asylum in Canada June, 1980.  Since coming to Canada he was invited by the Ontario Art Council to be an Artist in-Residence at Parkdale Collegiate Institute, Lord Dufferin High School, and Lakeshore Collegiate Institute.

Pham The Trung is most famous for his sculpture “ BOAT PEOPLE”, a full size bronze Monument Sculpture of Mother and Child commemorating the 20th Anniversary of The Vietnamese Refugee in Canada, which was installed in the Canadian capital Ottawa on April 30th 1995. Newspapers and TV around the world covered the unveiling. The inspiration sculpture has achieved much acclaim. It has become a monument to the human spirit and struggle for freedom.

Mr. Pham has made many television appearances and been covered by newspapers and magazines including: CBC (Prime Time Magazine); CTV. (True North Arrivals); CFMT-TV.(Chinese Journal); CFTO-TV Canada’s Day 1997; BBC (England); Voice of America (USA); CKLN (Toronto): Glove And Mail ; The Toronto Star ; The Ottawa Citizen; The Regina Post; Canadian Living Magazine; Detroit News; Dini Petty Show among many others…

His work also has been featured in former Minister Lily Munro’s Greeting Cards (Ontario Ministry of Sculpture and Communications). Tony Ruprecht’s Toronto;s Many Faces; Elizabeth McLuhan’s  Safe Haven published by the Multicultural History Society of Ontario and McGraw Hill Ryerson & Southam publisher’s CD-ROM “True North Arrivals II”. His work is in private and public collections worldwide.

Mr. Pham is a member of the Sculptor’s Society of Canada. His most recent work was on display at the Canadian Sculpture Centre, Roy Thomson Hall. He has received the Honour Civic Award of Merit on the Arts by City of Toronto on March 6, 1997. His work was on display at The Royal Ontario Museum’s Safe Haven exhibition from October 1993 to August 1996 .The University of Toronto, Robarts Gallery presented his work in June 1994. In November 1994 he was awarded The Ontario Arts Council Award, “Art In Education “. The Canadian Red Cross Society sponsored his work at The Art Gallery of Ontario’s Exhibit, “ Light The Darkness”, on January 29,1991. In 1990, he participated in the 40th Anniversary of The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Canada, exhibition at the Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto. In late 1990, he displayed his work at The Multicultural History Society of Ontario’s Gallery entitled “THE BOAT PEOPLE.”

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