Tiểu sử Ann Phong


Ann Phong was born in Saigon, Vietnam.

In 1981 she had a chance to escape Vietnam by boat. After a year of living in refugee camps in Malaysia and the Philippines, Phong settled in Southern California.

In 1995, Ann received her Master of Fine Art degree from California State University, Fullerton, and has actively participated in more than 60 solo and group shows in galleries and museums, and her work has been widely exhibited in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Houston, Vancouver, Paris, Thailand, and as far as Japan.

Ann Phong currently teaches art at California State University Pomona.

Since 2007, Phong has been invited by the College Board of Education Testing Center as one of the readers for AP Studio Art for high school students and Praxis Art for teaching credential program. She has also been invited to speak by many high schools, colleges, universities, galleries and museums on the subject of her own work and work of other Vietnamese American artists.

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