Tiểu sử Hồ Thành Đức


· Born in 1940, Da Nang, Vietnam · Graduated from the National School of Fine Arts, Saigon, Vietnam. · Founder and Director, Young Vietnamese Artists Association, 1968-1975. · Professor of Fine Arts, Van Hanh University, Saigon, Vietnam, 1969-1975. · Dean of the Practical Arts Department, Southern Region University, Vietnam, 1974-1975. · Resettled in California, USA, 1989.

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS · First Place Award, at the Spring Exhibition, Saigon, Vietnam, 1963. · Gold Medal Award, the National Armed Forces Exhibition, Saigon, Vietnam, 1964. · Highest Honor, the National Catholic Exhibition, Saigon, Vietnam, 1964. · Various International Buddist Exhibition in India, Sri Lanka and Taiwan, 1965. · Participated in the International Exhibitions in Tokyo and 9 other cities, Japan, 1969. · Highest Honor, the Vietnamese National Exhibition of Religious paintings, 1973. · Participated in the Permanent Collection of the Pacific Museum, Warsaw, Poland, 1984. · Family Exhibitions in Bataan and Manila, Philippines, 1989. · Studio Art Gallery, Burbank, California, USA, 1992. · Century Art Gallery, Westminster, California, USA, 1992. · Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine, California, USA, 1992. · Crafts Center/Grove Gallery, San Diego, California, USA, 1992. · Annual “TET” Art Exhibit, 1993. · VAALA Art Gallery, 1993. · Vietnamese Artists: 20 years in exile, Royals Gallery, Florida, 1995. · Contemporary Vietnamese Art, the United States and Vietnam, Organized by the Smithsonian Institute Traveling Exhibition and sponsored by the Washington Post. · Cllipse Arts Center, Arlington, VA, USA, September 5 – October 28, 1985. · San Jose Meseum of Art, CA, USA, June 1 – June 23, 1996. · California State University Long Beach, College of the Arts, 1996. · Pacific Asia Mesuem, Foyer Gallery, Pasadena, CA, USA, June 29, 1996.


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