Tiểu sử Hương


let’s think peace

As an artist, a former journalist, a mother, a Vietnam war refugee and a fervent peace activist, HUONG communicates her perspective and believe in a way that all people can understand. Her new paintings in the series “Let’s Think Peace” mark a departure for her” One woman’s solo Passage in Art”. At the age of 25,she fled Vietnam in 1975 at the end of the war and escape to America with courage and spirit to launch an art career that has since caught the imagination of art audiences and critics alike.Selftaught,dedication and determination encouraged HUONG to work non-stop for last 30 years with 85 solo exhibits throughout America and Canada. During last decade, the artist has been working on a monumental project called” The War Pieces” which is dedicated to all the war victims and sends out a message of PEACE to the world, her 300 feet-length Peace Mural continues to grow longer each day may also be the darkest in her oeuvre to date, This time she holds nothing back.

Her renewed commitment to painting was forged by the escalation and the insanity of the current wars in Iraq, Afghan, Israel, Lebanon and middle East. Images from the war also escalated the distress, sorrow and terror in her once again. Her past came rushing back. Huong applied all her thoughts on these canvases with all the pain and sadness in her heart, the emotion is impulsive, all side of conflicts were addressed by this remarkable artist, who lived through and walked on the harrow road of the war refugee.

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