Tiểu sử Lê Thiết Cương


Lê Thiết Cương Biography

Born in 1962, Hanoi, Vietnam.

1985-1990       Studied at the Hanoi University of Theaters and Films

1990-Present  Freelance artist based in Hanoi

                        Read books on Buddhism and I Ching

                        Paintings featured in a collection in Singapore National Museum


Solo Exhibitions

2017                Pottery Poems, Gallery 39, Hanoi

2016                Face, first sculpture exhibition

2014                Find, Gallery 39, Hanoi

2013                Join, Gallery 39, Hanoi (Mosaic exhibition)

                        Exhibition 13, Gallery 39, Hanoi (Exhibition Only, Not for Sale)

2010                Self, Gallery 39, Hanoi (Exhibition Only, Not for Sale)

2009                Peace, Gallery Shingendo, Tokyo, Japan

2008                Lan’s Story, Gallery Thanh Binh, Hanoi (Exhibition Only, Not for Sale)

2007                Tree, Gallery 39, Hanoi (Exhibition Only, Not for Sale)

                        Emptiness, Korean Cultural Center, Hanoi (Exhibition Only, Not for Sale)

2006                Manuscript, Gallery 39, Hanoi (Exhibition Only, Not for Sale)

2005                Grains, Thang Long Showroom, Hanoi (Exhibition Only, Not for Sale)

2004                Inspired by Basho’s Poetry, Gallery Shingendo, Tokyo, Japan

                        Meeting Myself, Gallery 55, Bangkok, Thailand

                        Vietnam in Close-up, Gallery Gajah, Singapore

2003                Muted Conversations, Gallery Plum Blossoms, New York, USA

2002                The Path to One, Gallery 55, Bangkok, Thailand

2001                The Minimal Path, Thang Long Showroom, Hanoi, Vietnam

2000                Other Side of the Gaze, Gallery 55, Bangkok, Thailand

1999                Viewpoint, Gallery Plum Blossoms, Singapore and Hong Kong

1998                Modern Vietnam, Gallery Andy Julien, Zurich, Switzerland

1997                The Changing Eyes, Gallery Plum Blossoms, Singapore and Hong Kong

1995                The Quite Path, Gallery Plum Blossoms, Hong Kong and Singapore

1991                Children’s Songs, 16 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi, Vietnam (First solo exhibition)


Group Exhibitions

2016                Vast Smoke Clouds Sky, Hanoi and Hoi An

                        Open the Door Exhibition, 30 years of Arts during the DoiMoi Era, Hanoi

2015                Pastel, Old Papers, Exhibition in Hanoi and Haiphong

                        Tam Bac, Exhibition in Haiphong

                        Harmonious and Contrast, Hoi An

                        Follow, Blue Gallery, 28 Tran Tien, Hanoi

2013                Friends, Vietnam Art Museum

2010                One Day, Trung Nguyen Group, Hanoi, Vietnam

2008                Same Style Movement (A Collaboration with Vespa), Beauty Fashion Show 7, Vietnam

                        Live, Sculpture Exhibition (with artist Phan Phuong Dong)

2007                Goodmoring Vietnam, Good morning Korea, Seoul, Korea (Celebrate 15 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Vietnam and Korea)

1999                Sculpture Exhibition, Vietnam Art Museum, Hanoi

1998                3 Contemporary Vietnamese Artists, Gallery Cork Street, London, UK

                        The Winding River-The Journey of Contemporary Art in Vietnam, Meridian International Center, Washington D.C., USA

                        100 Years of Vision and Hearing Arts in Vietnam, EspaceMeridien, Brussels, Belgium

1997                From the Red River to Me Kong River, New Trends in Vietnamese Art, Centre Wallonie-Brussels, Paris-France

                        The View of Contemporary Art, Gallery Novotel, Vientiane, Laos (with artist Dao Hai Phong)

1996                Vietnamese Contemporary Art, SI Centrum, Stuttgart, Germany


Artworks Featured in Collections of:

Singapore National Museum

Deutsche Bank AG, Hanoi, Vietnam

ABN/Amro Bank, Singapore



Artworks Introduced in:

Vogue, April 1995

The South China Morning Post, May 1995

Time Magazine, August 1996

Tableau, Fine Arts Magazine Holland, September 1997

The Art Magazine “Tate”: Spring- 1997

The Singapore Straits Time,– 1997

“Asian Art News,” November/December 1997

“Platform”: 1-70 Young Modern Artist from Asia and Latin America 1997

Elle, October 1997

Christies’ Singapore Catalogue, March 1999

The Bangkok Post, October 2000 and 2002

Sotheby’s Singapore Catalogue, December 2003

L’Humantite Magazine, September 2005

New York Art Magazine, February 2006

Time Magazine, November 2007



Write about culture and art for newspapers and magazines: Tuoi Tre, Lao Dong, Sai GonTiep Tia Sang, etc.

Organize non-profit exhibitions at Gallery 39, including more than 20 exhibitions for young artists

  • War Sketches from painter Dao Duc, September 2006
  • Honors Portray paintings, February 2008
  • Trau Nguyen from puppet artist Le Dinh Nguyen, January 2010
  • Cotton Jacket from designer Trinh Bich Thuy, November 2011
  • Gem Pottery from artist Nguyen Viet, September 2013


Recruiter for art activities:

  • Exhibition Balance from artist Dao Hai Phong and photographer Ngoc Thai in the 2011 Davines cultural event series, Hanoi
  • Strange Port, reading poems night for the memorial of poet Dang Dinh Hung at the French Cultural Center, April 2013
  • Davines Art Series Number 1, 2, 3, and 4 (from 2013 to 2016), Hanoi


Judge and organizer for:

  • Organized photos exhibition Vietnamese Smiles (from artist Duong Minh Long, Tran Quoc Khanh, Dang Ngoc Thai, Tran HuyHoan, Pham Duc Long), February 2006
  • Organized photos exhibition Teeth & Hair, March 2007
  • Organized photos exhibition 80-00, Remains and Losses (photographed from 1980 to 1983) from Swedish artist, Eva Lindskog, September 2007 and 2011
  • Judge for Photos Contest Vietnam Season 5 by Head Department of Tourism and Tourism Journal, September 2009
  • Photos Exhibition Another Hanoi at Creative Space Trung Nguyen, December 2009
  • Judged at Journalist Photos Contest “Earth and People” organized by Association of Vietnamese Journalist and Modern Countryside News October, 2013


Stage Designer for:

  • Tung Duong live show December, 2012
  • Fly WithVili, reading poem night with Vi Thuy Linh December, 2012
  • NguCungCheo (Vietnamese Traditional Operetta Theatre) 2014

Book Cover Designer for

The works of Nguyen HuyThiep, Nguyen Quan, Hoang Ngoc Hien, Nguyen Quang Lap. Van Gia, Nguyen Quynh Trang, Nguyen Thuy, Nguyen Thi Minh Thai, Tran Tien Dung, Nguyen Viet Ha, TrungTrungDinh, Doan Ngoc Thu, Tuan Khanh, Du Tu Le, KhuatBinh Nguyen, HuuUoc, Ta Duy Anh, Bui Ngoc Tan, Nguyen QuangThieu, and Van Cam Hai.



Hai Phong Poetry, Hanoi: The Vietnam Writers’ Association Publishing House, 2016 (Co-author Nguyen Thuy Kha)

The Place Where Going and Returning, Hanoi: The Vietnam Writers’ Association Publishing House, 2016. (Co-author Tran Tien Dung)

Le ThietCuong Realization, Ho Chi Minh City: Young Publishing House, 2017