Tiểu sử Mai Trung Thứ

MAI TRUNG THU 1906-1980

Mai Trung Thứ


  • Born in Haiphong city. One of the graduates of the 1st(1925-1930) entering class of the Indochina Fine Arts College. Lived and worked mostly in France. Specialized in silk painting. His main subjects were women, children and daily life under Oriental conceptions about fine arts and folk arts.
  • Has works in the Fine Arts Museum of Vietnam, and private collections, mainly in foreign countries.
  • From 1938 regularly participated in Fine Arts Exhibitions in Paris.
  • Participated with painter Lê Phổ in the Grand Exhibition in Algier, 1941.
  • Individual shows with the topics: “Children of Mai Thu” “Women in Mai Thu’s Eyes” and “Mai Thu’s Poetic World” in France, 1964, 1967 and 1980.