Tiểu sử Nguyễn Đại Giang

2006: Exhibition at Energy Gallery (Canada), from 1st August to 1st November
Exhibition at Gallery Altered Esthetics, Minneapolis (USA), from 26/08 to 30/09

2005: Sept. 24th, the portrait of Dalai Lama (painted by artist Nguyen Dai Giang with Upsidedown Art is offered to the Datlai Latma at Manhattan Center (New York)
2004: Raw Art International Festival in London (August)
2003: Exhibition at Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art , in New York , September .

500 Founders of 21st Century
Bio of Artist was selected in the “500 Founders of 21st Century” Book.
Dictionary  of the International Biography
Who’s who in the 21st Century
2002: Who’s who in the World
2001: Won Portable Art Collection Award .Who’s who in the West
2000 Outstanding artists and Designers of the 20th  Century
Personal Endorsement from the Director General of the IBC:
Dai Giang Nguyen is considered to be an outstanding Artist and has been recognised as such by the IBC in Cambridge, England since 1999.
1999: Bio. Of Artist was  selected in Book “Who’s Who in the World” 2000-2001
1997: Won “The most Talented  Artist “ International Competition, third prize in Stockholm, Sweden.
1997: Won “The First International Drawing Contest 1997 World of Art”  third prize in Stockholm, Sweden.
1996: Won “The Best Contemporary Art CD ROM – The Juried Collection 1996 “ in New York.
1994: Won Washington State Convention Center Seattle International competition prize.

Collections :
Museum of Art Voronezh Russia, Museum of Seattle
Private collections in United State, Japan, Canada, Belgium, France, HongKong…




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